Who Owns the Plaza Hotel?

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Have you ever been blown away by the history and beauty of the Plaza Hotel and wondered, “who owns the Plaza Hotel?”. Many people may think of the Plaza Hotel when talking about luxurious hotels. But who owns it?

Nearly a dozen different ownership groups have owned the Plaza Hotel. However, the current owner of the Plaza Hotel is Katara Hospitality. Nevertheless, it had previously belonged to Donald Trump and Conrad Hilton. The Plaza Hotel is a combination of a beautiful hotel and a fantastic piece of history at the same time.

What is the Plaza Hotel?

The Plaza Hotel is a National Historic building that is both a beautiful hotel and a piece of history. The Plaza Hotel is available in innumerable cultural references. 

You might see this hotel on television shows, in books, and in movies, like “Eloise at the Plaza,” which opened in 1907. The 250-foot skyscraper is present on the west flank of Grand Army Plaza, which lengthens along Fifth Avenue and Central Park.

The Plaza Hotel consists of 21 stories, a French Renaissance enlightened château style building that stands 251.92 feet. At the same time, the floors of the hotel are calculated by European convention, with floor one, which is the second level right above the bottom floor. 

Henry Janeway Hardenbergh designed the structure in 1907. Later, Wetmore & Warren also helped complete the design from 1919 to 1922. 

Hardenbergh, Warren, Wetmore, and Schultze & Weaver designed the interiors of the principal public spaces. Annabelle Selldorf designs the additional interior areas. 

The hotel was built by several builders, including brick contractor Nesbit & Pfotenhauer and terracotta contractor Atlantic Terra Cotta.

Who Owns the Plaza Hotel?

The Plaza Hotel has beautiful fountains and monuments commemorating American history and Roman architecture. 

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Donald J. Trump paid $407.5 million for The Plaza in 1988 after a competitive auction, stating, “This isn’t just a structure; it’s a work of art in its own right. It captured my heart.” 

Under his guidance, the hotel received renovations to modernize its interiors while maintaining its historic character. They also removed the lobby’s modern wall-to-wall carpeting to emphasize the past’s grace and splendor, revealing the original design’s magnificent mosaics. 

Their former majesty returned to the ballrooms. And Donald J. Trump sold the Plaza Hotel in 1995. The former president owned the hotel from 1987 to 1995. Qatar’s Katara Hospitality, with over 40 hotels internationally, now owns the Plaza Hotel.


On October 1, 1907, The Plaza Hotel, a luxury building, opened its doors to the public. This luxurious hotel stands in the most desirable residential district of New York City, near Central Park South and Fifth Avenue. 

The most famous hotel in the world has had a spectacular history, from its initial 19th century. It also went through restoration in 2008. 

For more than 100 years, the Plaza Hotel has been held by almost a dozen different ownership groups. The hotel brand formerly belonged to Donald Trump and Conrad Hilton.

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