Who Owns Yum Brands?

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As one of the most famous American fast-food corporations, you might wonder: Who owns Yum Brands? There are thousands of restaurants operated by the company in various parts of the world. It took Yum Brands approximately 23 years to reach these impossible heights and become a household name. But who owns it?

Currently, there are various owners of Yum Brands. However, T. Rowe Price Associates Inc. holds the most significant stake. PepsiCo Inc. used to own Yum Brands but later parted ways with it. The company became a restaurant business in 1977 when it acquired Pizza Hut.

This article will explore the finer details of this iconic company and delve further.

What is Yum Brands?

YUM Brands, whose headquarters are in Kentucky, has the most extensive company line of restaurants globally. They have 50,000+ restaurants in more than 150 different territories and countries. 

The company’s brand cluster consists of almost 1.5 million people in their team who invest in other talents to bring delicious flavors to the world. 

They offer ongoing pleasant opportunities to others for their personal and professional achievements. Further, Yum Brands primarily operate global giant restaurant Brands like KFC, Pizza Hut, and The Habit Burger Grill.

They promise people to offer delicious food with convenient accessibility. So, no one can stop to bring Yum to your doorstep. The biggest fast-food corporation offers flexible workplaces for their employees to grow. 

They also provide solid returns, enduring values, and ongoing opportunities for franchises, which is the recipe for their mind-blowing growth. 

Who Owns Yum Brands?

Yum Brands was founded in 1997 with plenty of retail institutions and investors that own the company’s shares. Nevertheless, T. Rowe Price Associates Inc. is the biggest shareholder. 

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Although, top ownership groups include institutional investors, the general public, and individual insiders. Institutional investors hold a significant part of the YUM Brand, like 80.01% of their shares. 

So, this interest is comparatively higher than any other group. The general public is the second-largest shareholder company, holding 19% of Yum Brands. 

It’s a company for everyone, so people who want to invest in shares can purchase them from Yum Brands. Individuals associated with publicly traded companies like directors or senior officers and other significant owners also own more than 1% of shares in Yum Brands.  


Yum Brands is the largest business that operates global brands like KFC, Pizza Hut, and Mexican-style food, a delicious fast-food chain. They make a novel curve on ordinary businesses and lead them to the world’s top. 

The company was originally part of PepsiCo Inc. Since 1977, when the company acquired Pizza Hut, it has become a part of the restaurant business. 

In 1978, Taco Bell came to the company and KFC in 1986. A few years later, Taco Bell bought “Hot ‘n Now,” one of the nation’s leading fast-food burger chains, and later sold it. 

It took about 23 years for these Brands to grow and reach the impossible heights they’ve reached. Now their franchised restaurants have become an essential part of people’s delicious lives throughout the world.

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