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Perhaps you’ve seen a headline stating, “Alone Contestant Dies.”, and were curious to know more. Alone is an American reality show that follows a group of strangers attempting to survive in the wilderness. The purpose of the show is to put contestants’ resiliency to the test by pushing them to their physical and mental limits.

There has never been a season in which an Alone contestant died. However, a few medical emergencies have occurred on the show. Carleigh Fairchild, a competitor in the show’s third season, experienced severe weight loss. Medical experts were surprised that Fairchild’s BMI (Body Mass Index) had gone below 17 after 86 days in the Andes Mountains. Her evacuation was necessitated as a result.

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About Alone 

Alone is an American TV Show that tests participants’ endurance and ability to cope in the wilderness. During the 7th season, the show lasted for 100 days, and the surviving contender bagged a whopping sum of $1 million. 

The 8th season introduced a new set of survivalists who also battled to survive the harshness of the wilderness. However, unlike the previous one, it had only 85 thrilling episodes.

Survivalists have been seen abandoned in areas including Nahuel Huapi National Park, northern Mongolia, and many others throughout the seasons. 

Each season of ‘Alone’ follows the same play of participants trying to conquer their phobias and surviving in extraordinarily difficult conditions. The majority of the participants are from Canada and the United States. 

Alone Contestant Dies: Has Anyone Died on Alone?

Up until now, there has been no case whereby an Alone contestant dies. True, participants are left to fend for themself in a remote location with limited supplies. However, contestants can quit if they feel overwhelmed; all they have to do is use the cell phone provided. 

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They’re required to build their shelter from scratch and hunt for their food in the show. This sometimes can become a significant challenge for even the most seasoned survivalists.

The show’s producers are always on the lookout for the participants, ensuring they’re in good health. They provide a team of doctors who perform medical checkups on each of them when needed.

For example, Carleigh Fairchild, a participant in the show’s third season, was involved in an accident. This caused her Body Mass Index to go below 17 after 86 days in the foothills of the Andes Mountain range. She had to be evacuated as a result of this.

The above example displays the organizers’ concern for the well-being of their contestants. 

Is Netflix’s Alone a Reality Show?

The uniqueness of “Alone” lies in the fact that the candidates are alone throughout the show. The show does not rely on a crew of cameramen to document the competitors’ experiences. The participants themselves videotape all of the content.

How Can an Alone Contender Who’s Competing on Their Own Quit?

The contestants are separated from one another and the rest of humanity, except for medical check-ins. In the event of a medical check-in failure, they can “tap out” of the program at any moment. The contender who lasts the longest receives a $500,000 grand prize.


The American TV show Alone is an exciting adventure series that many people tune in to watch. Despite the hurdles the survivalists face, there was never a report of any death during the series. When Alone competitors were asked for advice, they provided tips they wished they had received before entering the challenge. While it’s a challenging competition to take part in, there has never been a case where an Alone contestant died.

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