Does Barnes and Noble Price Match?

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Does Barnes and Noble Price Match? This is probably a common question many book lovers ask. There was a time when book lovers had a few handfuls of bookstores from where they could buy their favorite books.

However, times have changed. Today, you will find many offline and online bookstores that sell a wide array of books from various worldwide writers.

Barnes and Noble is one of the pioneers of bookstores in the US. With numerous retail outlets spread across the nation, this reputed bookseller is a name to reckon with when buying any book.

However, the question still lingers in the minds of many book lovers about whether Barnes and Noble conduct price matching. This question needs to be answered on a priority basis.

Barnes and Noble

If you love to read books, you will find many booksellers in the US. However, if you are searching for a reputed bookseller, then a name that pops up in your mind is Barnes and Noble. This American bookseller is also one of the Fortune 1000 companies.

Barnes and Noble have the most significant number of retail stores across the US. According to recent data, they had more than 600 retail stores spread across 50 states in the US.

Although the price match at Barnes and Noble is a major topic of discussion, the company is still the largest bookstore in the world. Customers know the company for its wide range of books and large retail stores, most of which have a café serving Starbucks coffee. Barnes and Noble has its headquarters in New York and started its business in 1886. At that time, the bookstore’s name was Arthur Hinds and Company.

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What is Price Matching?

Most of you may have heard about the term “Price Matching.” But how many of you know what it means in reality? The term price matching signifies matching the price of a lower product from any store in the competitive market—for instance, a retail store selling you the same product at a lower cost.

Most major companies use this strategy to save some money and time since buyers get their favorite items at a lower rate without visiting another store.

Price matching is an essential part of the e-commerce pricing policy. Most retailers use this scheme to develop the best price for their beloved buyers. As a result, stores enjoy several benefits, such as customer loyalty, increased ROI, and brand trust.

However, it would be best to remember that this policy rests on various policies. Although there are stores that successfully match the lower price, some stores fail in making efforts to beat it.

Advantages of Price Matching

Most major companies use the price match policy to attract more buyers and enhance their overall business operations. It also proves an excellent proposition for significant companies to increase their brand loyalty. There are many other benefits of price matching. Some of these are:

Better Success Rate

Implementing a price match policy can help grow your business in the future. You will notice the positive changes in your business due to the introduction of price matches within a short time. However, as a business person, you need to assess the long-term implications of the price match policy by understanding your position in the retail market and the trend.

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Increase Sales

One of the primary benefits of introducing the price match policy is witnessing an increase in your sales margin. Therefore, if you want to boost your sales and, eventually, the ROI, opting for the price match policy will be good.

Improve Customer Confidence

Introducing a price match policy can quickly improve your customers’ trust in you as a brand. They will start believing that your company has the best possible interest in their favor.

Does Barnes And Noble Price Match?

Most of you may be wondering whether a price match at Barnes and Noble is possible or not. Barnes and Noble does not practice price matching to keep it short and straightforward. Whether you talk about their physical stores or online websites, you will not find price matching anywhere across their network.

You will also notice that the online store’s pricing and the physical stores’ pricing vary. The reason behind this pricing difference is that the online shopping site is a subsidiary of Barnes and Noble Inc., which makes them two separate entities with different pricing and operational policies.

Is There Any Charge For Preordering From Barnes And Noble?

Although Barnes and Noble does not practice price matching, they certainly compensate for this with exceptional customer service. One of these includes the ability to preorder any forthcoming books before the official publication date.

Barnes and Noble does charge their customers for any preorder upon the official publication date for any book. In other words, if you preorder any book before the official publication date, there won’t be any charge for you.

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Keeping that in mind, there is no refund involved if you cancel your preorder before the actual publication date. Thus, you enjoy the flexibility of changing your order if you come across some other exciting title in the meanwhile.


Barnes and Noble is a traditional bookstore with its primary focus on creating a better customer experience. They achieve this through a soothing ambiance, cafes, and extraordinary customer service. But this pioneer in the retail market for booksellers differs from many other reputed retailers, such as Costco and Walmart.

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