Does Walmart Have Coinstar?

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Have you ever wondered: Does Walmart have Coinstar? Walmart, one of the world’s largest retailers, provides customers with a wide range of services. So, some people may wonder if they facilitate customers with Coinstar machines. Do you have a mountain of coins that you’d like to consolidate? If so, knowing where the nearest Coinstar machine is can be very handy.

Walmart does have a Coinstar machine, and it’s an efficient way to get a quote about your bunch of coins. The process is a no-brainer, and you’ll be able to retrieve your money in no time. These machines are located all across the Walmart stores, except in some. The service is free to use, but an 11.9% fee is associated with converting coins into cash.

More often than not, people use Coinstar to convert their loose change into bills or electronic gift cards. All you need is a Walmart near you that has a Coinstar machine.

Let’s learn more about Coinstar, where you can find the Coinstar machines in Walmart, and how to avoid paying a fee associated with this process.

What is Coinstar, and What Does it Do?

Coinstar is a company that offers coin counting services in the US and Canada. Customers can bring in their coins, which are then counted by the machine, and a voucher is printed out. The customer can then take this voucher to a Walmart store and use it to buy a gift card.

Does Walmart Have Coinstar?

The answer is yes. You can easily find a Coinstar Kiosk at Walmart stores across the United States. These machines are usually placed near the customer service areas or checkout registers. The machine has a pretty straightforward interface and provides ultimate convenience to the consumers.

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However, you’ll be charged 11.9% of the fee when converting your coins to cash. Fortunately, the fee can be avoided, and you can be awarded a free gift card once you choose the “free gift card” option rather than a credit card or cash.

Walmart Stores with Coinstar Machines

Most of the Walmart stores now have Coinstar machines. You can find the nearest Coinstar machine by using the company’s locator tool on its website.

While Walmart does have Coinstar machines, the retailer doesn’t accept coins as payment for merchandise. So, if you’re looking to use your coins to buy something at Walmart, you’ll need to find a Coinstar machine elsewhere.

How Much Can You Get From Coinstar at Walmart?

Coinstar machines will give you cash in exchange for your coins. The company charges a fee of 11.9% of the total amount of money that you convert to cash. For example, if you convert $100 worth of coins into cash, Coinstar will charge you $11.90.

You also can receive a free gift card instead of cash. The value of the gift card will depend on the total amount of coins that you convert. For example, if you convert $100 worth of coins, you’ll receive a $10 gift card.

Coinstar also offers a prepaid Visa card. This card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. The fees for this service vary depending on monetary value you load onto the card.

Can You Avoid Coinstar Fees

Coinstar fees can be avoided by receiving a free gift card instead of cash. Gift cards are available for various retailers, including Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart. You can also avoid fees by choosing the “prepaid Visa card” option when using a Coinstar machine. 

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Using Coinstar At Walmart? 

Making us of the Coinstar machine at you local Walmart is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Locate a Walmart store that has a Coinstar machine.
  2. Follow the tutorial on the screen to get started.
  3. Feed your coins into the tray receptacle. Don’t overload it with several coins, as the machine takes some time to count and then process it.
  4. Choose the option to receive a free gift card or prepaid Visa card.
  5. Enter your email address or phone number to receive the gift card or prepaid Visa card.
  6. The machine will print out a voucher with a barcode.
  7. Take the voucher to the customer service representative at Walmart and exchange it for a gift card or prepaid Visa card.
  8. Use the gift card or prepaid Visa card wherever Visa is accepted.


Using a Coinstar machine is not a difficult task. What truly matters is finding the Walmart store with a Coinstar machine. With these handy tips, you may now enjoy a smooth procedure when converting your coins into cash.

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