How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Barnes And Noble?

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Have you ever asked yourself, “How old do you have to be to work at Barnes and Noble?”? Do you want to turn your love for books into a job? If so, Barnes and Noble is a great place to start. Still, if you plan to apply for a job at Barnes and Noble, there are a few things you’ll need to be aware of.

The minimum age requirement is 16 years for an entry-level Barnes & Noble Café server or bookseller position. Every year, the company hosts 100,000 events. It relies on its Booksellers to engage with clients like regional companies and educational organizations. Hence, it would help if you had a friendly and positive attitude to work at Barnes and Noble.

Working at Barnes and Noble offers you the experience to apply for other opportunities. Not to mention the several benefits you enjoy during your time there. Let’s explore the positions available at the booksellers and how to apply. 

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Barnes and Noble?

Entry-level opportunities at the bookseller include the following:

Café Server

As a Barnes & Noble Café Server, you provide excellent customer service following the company’s café service standards. You contribute to the Café’s interactive and engaging experience by sharing your expertise in the products and services. Café servers are mainly in charge of preparing and serving drinks according to the company’s guidelines. 

Your job also includes support tasks like assisting in baking, cleaning equipment and cases, and restocking shelves. Cleanliness is also paramount, and you’re in charge of ensuring the outlet is tidy. Furthermore, café servers handle inventory, coupon redemption, waste log monitoring, and return policies. 

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The job requires versatility and the ability to serve in different places. Physical strength is also essential to work at Barnes and Noble since you might have to stand for long periods. Another thing you can’t do without is basic communication abilities to help interact with customers.

When you work at Barnes and Noble as a café server, you earn between $8 and $13 hourly. Having prior experience helps you secure the higher end of the pay range. 

Maintenance Clerk

At Barnes & Noble, it’s all about the customer’s needs. Hence, as a maintenance clerk, you provide world-class customer service by maintaining the store consistently. Additionally, you ensure that the store is clean and ready for customers. 

You assist with facility maintenance, including painting, changing light bulbs, and replacing ceiling tiles. The job entails having good communication skills and being knowledgeable of repair services. 

When you work at Barnes and Noble as a maintenance clerk, you earn between $10 and $15 hourly. You start at the lower end of the pay range if you have no previous work experience. The higher pay range is for those with prior work experience. 

How to Apply to Work at Barnes and Noble

Interested parties may submit a Barnes and Noble application online through the store’s website. Job searchers can view available positions and apply for the roles they desire through the company’s job hosting platform. Additionally, candidates can streamline the application process by integrating their LinkedIn profiles to complete their career history, education, and reference information.

Applicants can upload their resumes, cover letters, and other materials online. Ensure you revise your CV to emphasize the abilities and experiences that suit the position you want. Additionally, double-check your application responses to confirm the information you provided is accurate and current.

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Upon completing their application forms online, most applicants receive a response within three weeks to come in for an interview. If you don’t get a reply within the first week, you can log into your account and check your application process.

Applicants who don’t have an online account with Barnes and Noble can phone the shop or email HR professionals for updates. They can even visit the retailer to speak with a hiring manager about their Barnes and Noble application status. Whichever option you select, remember to keep a patient and professional demeanor when discussing your application.

What Experience Do I Need to Work at Barnes and Noble?

You don’t need prior experience to work at Barnes and Noble in entry-level positions. The only thing you need is to meet the age requirement and have a passion for working. Afterward, you can apply online or in person and expect to get an interview. 

Nonetheless, having previous work knowledge is a plus. You get to negotiate a higher pay than those with no work experience. 

Benefits of Working at Barnes and Noble

When you work at Barnes and Noble, you stand to enjoy several perks. The company provides generous employee benefits, including flexible spending accounts and insurance. Employees also get dental and eye coverage. 

Barnes and Noble employees, both full-time and part-time, are also eligible for the following bonuses:

  • Paid Time Off 
  • Vacations 
  • Retirement Savings Plans
  • Reimbursement of Tuition
  • Discounts on Merchandise

Though it’s professional, the environment is also enjoyable, and you get to enjoy interacting with customers.


Barnes and Noble is an excellent location to start if you’re looking for a first-time job as a teenager. It’s also a great working environment if you’re a book lover or aspire to own a bookstore someday. The exciting thing about the company is that you don’t need experience to begin.

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Its application process is also straightforward and takes only a few minutes. You only have to complete the application form, filling in the accurate details.

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