How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Bath and Body Works?

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Are you looking for your first job and wondering: How old do you have to be to work at Bath and Body Works? Bath and Body Works, a prominent retailer of perfumes, aromas, and related home furnishings, is a retail industry leader. The well-known business has over 1,600 sites worldwide and offers tens of thousands of job opportunities.

The company requires that any applicant looking to work in any of its outlets be at least 18 years of age. Opportunities available at the company include cashiers, sales associates, and management positions. Each sector has other requirements that qualify candidates for the position aside from age. Interested people have to visit the store to apply in person.

If you’re looking to work at Bath and Body Works position, you need to earn certain things. This includes the job opportunities, pay, and how to apply for the job. Here, we discuss these crucial facts and more. 

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Bath and Body Works?

The famous retail company requires applicants to be 18 years old to apply for entry-level and professional positions. Most job titles have few requirements on past work experience. 

Experience in retail operations and a high school diploma are often required for managerial positions. Managers, too, may find themselves in need of additional training. 

For the most part, the establishment looks to fill these positions:

Sales Associates

These individuals deal with customers by attending to their needs. You have to be able to fit into several roles like selling, cashiering, refilling, and processing payment. Such diversity is essential during days when there’s a rush. 

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You also drive shop sales by engaging with consumers one-on-one and answering questions. In some cases, you make product recommendations and help customers settle for a favorable option. Aside from being diverse, you must be physically active and ready to stand for long periods. 

Sales associates at Bath and Body Works earn at least $8 hourly. You also have to be at least 18 years to be considered.


Managerial positions at Bath and Body Works require attention to detail and good management skills. These individuals oversee the functions of other employees, ensuring that operations go smoothly. In other words, they need good customer management skills, a good knowledge of accounting, and more.

Managers at this company earn as high as $50,000 yearly if they have prior experience. Bath and Body Works only considers candidates over 18 years for this position. 


A cashier’s job is self-explanatory. You ring up purchases and attend to customers at the check-out point.   

This position doesn’t require a lot in terms of certificates. You only have to be able to communicate fluently and attend to customers politely. However, you need basic arithmetic knowledge and the ability to use computers to work at Bath and Body Works. 

Cashiers earn a minimum of $8 hourly. Candidates also have to be up to 18 years before the hiring team considers them for the position.

How to Apply for Work at Bath and Body Works

New employees at Bath and Body Works are mostly onboarded through paper applications. To apply for a position at a major retail chain, job applicants must visit the store to fill out the paperwork. Afterward, they give these forms to management for their assessment. 

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You should dress in business casual attire for your Bath and Body Works interview. Consider a button-down shirt paired with quality pants and dress shoes. It would be best to avoid a t-shirt and jeans; you don’t want to appear too casual.

Apart from the usual contact information and employment histories, you can indicate specific abilities on the application form. When applying for a job, it’s good to include only relevant talents and skills. Prospective employees who are knowledgeable about the company’s product lines and have professional demeanors have better chances.

Managerial occupations sometimes require weeks of formal assessment before hiring decisions are made. On the other hand, entry-level sales and cashier jobs only require one or two interviews that last a week or less. Some entry-level applicants may receive job offers after submitting their applications, depending on employment needs. 

Managerial applicants should call or visit during off-hours to inquire about the progress of outstanding applications. 

What Experience Do I Need to Work at Bath and Body Works?

You can apply for a job and get hired even if you have no experience. If you do have any work experience, you may be able to earn a higher hourly wage. Experience would also help you get into higher positions in a short period. 

Though you might not need a lot to work at Bath and Body Works, you need basic skills. Writing, reading, and some basic arithmetic knowledge are essential.

Benefits at Bath and Body Works 

You’re open to several opportunities when working at Bath and Body Works. Entry-level employees frequently receive item discounts and flexible schedules. Employees at the fragrance and home décor business can also look forward to continued training and job promotion. 

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Promotions to full-time management positions bring additional perks to hardworking employees, such as:

  • Medical, dental, and pharmacy benefits 
  • Employee support 
  • Three 401(k) retirement plans 
  • Paid time off 
  • Transportation reimbursement


You can work at Bath and Body Works even if you have no prior experience. All you need is basic reading and writing knowledge, which is essential even if you want to work elsewhere. But there is a minimum age requirement before the company can consider your application.

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