How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Lowe’s?

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Something to consider before applying for a job at Lowe’s is, “How old do you have to be to work at Lowe’s?”. Perhaps you’re new in the job search and looking to get experience from a reputable company. If so, Lowe’s might be one of the places you could consider checking out.

You should be 18 years old to secure a job at Lowe’s. However, there could be exceptions, and some stores might accept individuals between 16 and 17 years. Remember that Lowe’s has several departments, and each has varying age specifications when hiring. You should also consider other factors aside from age when looking to get a job at the company.

There are probably other questions running through your mind as you read this. Here, we shall look at how old you must be to work at Lowe’s. We shall also consider other requirements you need when applying.

What Positions Are Available at Lowe’s?

Lowe’s provides several job opportunities to individuals, so you’ll find several positions in the home improvement company. Each has several specifications to take into consideration. However, for a start, there are entry-level positions you should consider.

Here are the job positions available at Lowe’s:

Customer Service Associate

Customer Service Associates assist clients in locating and selecting the right items. These are the individuals you seek when you can’t find an item on the shelf. Lowe’s may assign Customer Service Associates to any of the company’s various sales divisions, like Appliances, Hardware, Flooring, Lumber, and Interiors.

You’ll need to become informed about the many items in your department. This knowledge will help you when you have to field questions and provide knowledgeable solutions. You also have to be well informed to handle customer requests promptly.

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Additionally, you will keep your department current by replenishing shelves, and you should be capable of handling heavy products. Customer Service Associates at Lowe’s must be at least 18 years old and have broad computer and handheld device knowledge.

A Customer Service Associate earns an average of $13 per hour. Lowe’s Customer Service Associates make $13 to $16 hourly. 

Suppose you are recruited as an entry-level employee with no prior experience. In that case, you will certainly start at the state’s minimum pay. On the other hand, you can negotiate better compensation if you have sales experience and a high school certificate.


A cashier’s job description is already known. At Lowe’s, cashiers process all cash and credit card sales and returns at the register. Additionally, they promote Lowe’s customer reward programs, answer queries, and assist consumers when they shop.

The job entails you to be intelligent and good with numbers. You must also be able to lift and carry heavy products as you’ll be assisting customers when the need arises. 

The job demands you to stand for extended periods. So, if you’re not comfortable being on your feet for long, you should consider other positions. To work as a Cashier at Lowe’s, you must be at least 18 years old.

Lowe’s average hourly wage for a Cashier is $12. In other words, cashiers at Lowe’s earn between the minimum wage and $14 per hour. If you apply with no prior experience, you will likely start at the state’s minimum wage.


A receiver/stocker’s responsibility at Lowe’s is to distribute and stock products. However, all staff members are expected to greet customers and give superior customer service. They also aid consumers in locating items and responding to their concerns.

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18 years is how old you have to be to work at Lowe’s position. You should also possess reading and writing skills to work as a receiver/stocker. Though you don’t have to be a professional, you should also be able to handle basic mathematics. 

Receivers/Stockers earn an average of $12 per hour. At Lowe’s, Receiver/Stockers earn between the state’s minimum wage and $15 per hour. The average hourly wage for a Night Shift Receiver/Stocker is $13. 

If you are recruited as an entry-level employee with no prior experience, you start at the state’s minimum pay. On the other hand, you get a raise if you have experience in other workplaces. 

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Lowe’s Stores?

We now know the different positions available at this famed retailer.

The home improvement retailer requires applicants to be 18 years old for entry-level positions. However, they may hire persons 16 years of age for nonhazardous jobs while reserving leadership and more dangerous roles for experienced candidates. 

Job descriptions for most entry-level store employment include no mention of a high school diploma requirement. Still, this certificate is usually essential as it proves you’re well-versed in basic math and communication skills for retail work. You also have to possess good communication skills as most positions require interaction with customers.

What Else Do You Need to Work at Lowe’s store?

Aside from knowing how old you have to be to work at Lowe’s, there are other things the company will demand from you. Your high school diploma, as mentioned earlier, is one of them and can help you get better pay. You should also be a good communicator.

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Lowe’s employment requires learning to operate various store equipment, including key cutters, paint mixers, forklifts, panel saws, and pallet jacks. Additionally, applicants must meet physical criteria, including the ability to lift 200 pounds with assistance and 50 pounds without help. Job seekers rarely need a long work history; however, prior expertise in retail or sales increases your chances of getting hired.


Knowing how old you have to be to work at Lowe’s is only one of the many factors to consider. You need to review each position first to determine where you fit. Also, look out for the pay and be sure you’re comfortable with the amount before joining the queue of applicants. Having a diploma and good communication skills also gives you a higher chance of securing the job.

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