How To Delete a SHEIN Account?

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Are you having trouble figuring out how to delete a SHEIN account? We’ve got you covered. I will provide you with step-by-step instructions on deleting your SHEIN account throughout this article. The company is quite famous for selling a wide range of small fashion brands and having many users worldwide.

To delete your SHEIN account, send a request for closure to their customer service representatives via email. You can also delete your SHEIN account via the account security settings of your profile on their website. And the same applies to deleting your account by means of the SHEIN mobile app.

How to Delete a SHEIN Account

There are three different approaches to deleting a SHEIN account. Choose any method that suits you best. Delete your Shien account first by keeping a few points in mind. 

After confirming the deletion, your account will permanently disappear after three days. Ensure that you don’t have any incomplete orders, unfulfilled sales, or unwithdrawn funds in your SHEIN Wallet.

Upon deleting your SHEIN account, all account details will be permanently destroyed, including the history of your orders and wish lists. 

Your credit card details will also be lost if you add them to your account through the Shien website or app. Next, let’s examine each method in more detail and determine the fastest and easiest method.

Method 1: Deleting SHEIN Account Using Browser

The following steps will help you remove your Shien account using a web browser:

  • Go to your profile settings by clicking “My Profile” in the top right corner of the SHEIN page.
  • Click on the “Account Security” link under My Account in the left sidebar to access your security settings.
  • You can delete your account from the Account Security page by clicking the “Delete Account” link. Just click it.
  • You can see the “Apply to Delete Account” button once you arrive at the Delete Account page. Click on it to remove all Shien accounts permanently.
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Next, we will look at how to delete your SHEIN account from the app.

Method 2: Deleting SHEIN Account Using Mobile App

There is almost no difference between deleting your SHEIN account from your web browser and deleting your account from SHEIN. The steps listed below will guide you to delete your SHEIN account if you have already logged in.

  • Right below your screen’s bottom corner, you’ll find a “Me” tab. Click this to access your profile settings.
  • You will find the “Account Security” link on the profile settings page. Click that to open your security account settings.
  • The “Delete Account” link will appear within your SHEIN app once you’ve reached the Account Security page. Click it to delete your account.
  • You’ll find the “Apply to Delete Account” button towards the bottom of your SHEIN app. To do so, click it. After completing these steps, you will delete your Shien account through the Shien app.

Lastly, we will discuss how to delete your SHEIN user account using customer service.

Method 3: Deleting SHEIN Account Using Customer Service

Delete SHEIN’s account using customer support by following the steps below.

  • Sign in to your SHEIN account using your web browser to access the “Customer Service” page. You will find a customer support icon at the top right corner of the page. 
  • Right on the customer service page are different categories. Delete your SHEIN account by selecting the “Account Issue” category.
  • The screen will display various buttons in response to selecting a certain account issue category. You can delete your SHEIN account by selecting the “Unsubscribe and Delete” button.
  • You can see a few additional options on your screen once you click the delete and unsubscribe buttons. You can continue deleting your Shien account in your chat window by selecting the “I want my SHEIN account deleted.”
  • Click the “Contact Agent” button to continue. You can click on this to start a chat and request a SHEIN’s account be deleted permanently.
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Your Shien account has now been deleted through customer support.


Once you confirm the deletion, your account will permanently disappear within three days. Ensure that your SHEIN Wallet does not contain unfulfilled orders, unsold sales, or funds that haven’t been withdrawn.

All account information, including the history of orders and wish lists, is permanently deleted when you close your SHEIN account. You will also lose your credit card information by adding your credit card information to your Shien account through the website or app.

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