How To Delete Reddit History

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Are you a regular user of Reddit and want to know how to delete Reddit history? Reddit is probably familiar to anyone who spends a lot of time online. By the time of writing this article, Reddit ranked seventh for United States websites and 19th for worldwide websites, as per Alexa. 

Still interested? Simply go to your account page and click “Overview” to delete your Reddit history. After selecting each post, you can delete them one by one. For a more efficient solution, install “Nuke Reddit History” on your browser, which will make this process a lot easier and quicker.

How to Delete Reddit History

There are various methods via which one can delete their Reddit history. Here, we will let you know about all those methods of deleting Reddit history.

Method 1: Deleting Reddit History Via “Profile” Page

Manually deleting posts from the profile page is possible. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Click on the icon for your profile. You can find it at the top right side of your screen as a circular blob.
  • Please select it from the drop-down menu that appears. You will find several options there. Click “Profile.” They will then direct you to the “Overview” page, which contains an overview of all the posts you have made, comments you have left, etc.
  • Browse through the posts and delete the ones you want. Delete it by clicking the ellipsis below it.
  • A pop-up will appear with a warning that you cannot undo the deletion of a post. Confirm your choice by clicking “Delete post.”
  • Congratulations! Your post has been removed. Follow the same steps to remove other posts or comments.
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Method 2: Deleting Reddit History Through History Delete Extension

The Reddit History Nuking extension allows you to delete your posts automatically. The extension is available for Chrome only. Using an extension, here’s how you can get rid of Reddit history:

  • Click on this link to access the Chrome extensions site: Reddit History Delete Extension.
  • When you click the link, you will be redirected to the extension page. Click on the button “Add to Chrome.” Google Chrome will download and install the extension.
  • Upon successfully downloading and installing the extension into Chrome, open the Extension Menu or the Toolbar and click the new orange icon. 
  • You can select “Delete All My Comments” or “Delete All My Posts” when clicking the extension icon.
  • It will now auto-delete every Reddit post and comment you made. Regardless of whether you have multiple Reddit accounts, you will automatically get this extension for the one you’re using.

The only difference between this method and the manual method is that you won’t get a confirmation pop-up. So, think carefully before taking action.

Method 3: Deleting Reddit History Via Android

Your recent history on Reddit saves the posts you’ve made. You will see a specific post in your recent history if you visit Reddit and click on it.

Reddit will suggest similar posts corresponding to that post’s niche based on that information. You may become frustrated and become uninterested in the topic after some time. 

By following these steps, you can prevent this type of content bombing or change your interests if needed:

  • First, you will need to open the app and log in to the Reddit account.
  • On the left side, you will see your profile icon. The screen will then scroll to the right if you click on it.
  • You will then see a list of options—Right-click on the “History” button.
  • On the top left of the screen, an icon comprises three dots or an ellipsis.
  • Select the option “Clear History.”
  • Your Reddit Android app is now history-free.
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Posting and commenting are key components of Reddit. Reddit offers a way to start conversations, gain influence, and even earn Karma – its virtual equivalent to clout. Ultimately, you may come to regret your posts and comments over time.

In such cases, you may want to delete your account altogether to prevent your username from being visible, but you can still view your posts. That’s why you should delete the posts and comments themselves when learning how to clear Reddit history.

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