How To Get Your Brand Reaching As Many Potential Customers As Possible

1 year ago
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The main point of having a brand is to make your products and your business both gain and then retain attention.

Therefore, you should be pushing your brand in front of as many potential customers as you possibly can.

There are, of course, some very effective ways that you can do this by using a combination of advertising techniques rather than sticking to just one or two usual methods.

1. Traditional Advertising 

Traditional methods of advertising are far from dead. In fact, they can be highly successful with certain types of people.

Not everyone is happy with or good at reading things from a computer, tablet, or cell phone screen.

Some people, believe it or not, prefer to read from the printed page. In this, there’s also a market in having a form of physical presence rather than purely relying on the internet to get you sales or interest for your branded products.

Promotional Stalls

This can be satisfied by setting up promotional stalls in markets, store foyers, or walkways of undercover shopping malls.

While these stalls are predominately there to draw awareness to your brand and products, you should also be prepared to sell items and have plenty of literature available so that interested parties can view your merchandise at a more convenient time.

Leaflet Drops

With the help of businesses such as print media, you can perform leaflet drops either on their own or as an insert with a popular magazine.

Of course, you’re going to have to include your website address, contact details, and a few choice pictures of some of the products that you sell.

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This could not only generate awareness of your brand but can inspire people to look at your online store for more information or a more detailed view of your brand’s range.

Magazine Articles

Everybody loves a story, and writing yours for a magazine article could draw a lot of attention to your business.

Although you won’t want to make it too salesy, you will want it to drive potential customer interest to your website.

So, it would be useful to talk about how you came by your business venture idea and how you put it into motion, as well as providing your brand with a powerful mission statement that you can associate with your products.

2. Audio Advertising 

Audio advertising is another area that often gets passed over by businesses and yet it’s highly successful at drawing interest or getting a message across to potential customers.

A lot of the highly successful radio and podcasts are, surprisingly enough, not free to listen to, which means that those who are paying for them are paying to be advertised to as well as entertained.

Of course, these audio stations are not just paid for by the listeners but also by companies wanting to promote their businesses, products, or services.


When looking to choose a radio station or even radio show to advertise your brand on, you should look to see what sort of topics are normally covered as well as the popularity of the DJ host.

This is to ensure that you’re spending your money reaching people who are actually going to be interested in your products.

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Similarly enough, it will be the same with a podcast. The only difference is that you may not be producing an advertisement but may be involved with an interview about your business, product, or brand.

In order to get more airtime, and gain more attention, speaking about your company mission, for instance, fair trade or lowering your carbon footprint and how your brand is helping, could be a good way forward.

3. Online Advertising 

Online advertising is a much more modern approach, but you’re going to need the help of professional and experienced businesses to make any investment worthwhile.


For instance, SEO is so easy to get wrong it’s unbelievable, it doesn’t even need to be hugely wrong for it to miss its target completely.

Just one word or lack of one action could have your SEO efforts seeing little to no results at all.

Whereas a professional who knows what they’re doing could have you seeing positive results within no time at all.


As with SEO, PPC (pay-per-click) is another area that can be a financial sinkhole if you don’t know what you’re doing.

This is when you pay every time your advertisement is clicked on. When aimed at your target market, it can be a very valuable selling tool.

However, if your target is just slightly off, you could have individuals clicking your advertisement that is so niche to what you’re selling, therefore costing your business money.

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