Does McDonald’s Accept EBT?

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Perhaps you’re craving a Big Mac and wondering: Does McDonald’s accept EBT? With your EBT card, you should be confident about treating yourself to a feast at any fast food restaurant.

McDonald’s does not accept Electronic Benefit Transfer cards to purchase items or services in their stores. You won’t be able to make use of EBT benefits for their take-out service unless they are receiving TANF benefits. McDonald’s does aid those in need through the Restaurant Meals Program.

However, you should know something about the EBT benefits at McDonald’s, which we’ll cover in the article below.

What is McDonald’s?

McDonald’s is an American fast-food company founded in 1940 and headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois. It operates most of its restaurants worldwide, either directly or through franchisees.

The most popular items on their menu are hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and french fries. They also feature chicken products and breakfast items like pancakes or oatmeal.

They offer soft drinks such as Coca-Cola or root beer; milkshakes, including chocolate milkshakes. Wraps such as tortilla wraps filled with different fillings like cheese sticks, bacon bits, or guacamole are another popular item.

The desserts on the menu include ice cream sundaes topped with whipped cream and a dark chocolate sauce called “Hot Fudge Sundae.” This was introduced nationwide in 1986 after being tested for four years at selected stores around America.

As of 2020, it has a global brand valuation worth $105 billion (McDonald’s). McDonald’s operates 37,855 outlets serving 69 million customers daily across 100 countries and employs 1.7 million employees as of 2018.

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According to two reports published by Bloomberg News on November 27th, 2018, which was ranked second-largest private employer after Walmart with 2.3 million employees.

Does McDonald’s Accept EBT?

The answer is no. You cannot use your EBT to buy snacks from McDonald’s in most places in America. However, if your state has joined the Restaurant Meals Program, then you may be able to pay for a meal using it instead of money. This program was made for those who do not have homes and people with disabilities or the elderly who are hungry and need more than just food stamps. 

Only two states (California and Arizona) have agreed to participate by joining this initiative. Rhode Island has launched its own version on a smaller scale, and Florida plans on doing so soon. Other states are preparing to join them before long!

Which Payment Methods Does McDonald’s Accept?

You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Your card must be issued by a US bank to register with Apple Pay. Suppose your credit or debit card is registered to your iOS device’s Wallet app. In that case, it will automatically display as an option in the McDonald’s App when you open the app on that device. 

Can You Use EBT at Any Fast-Food Restaurants?

Unfortunately, suppose you are only on the SNAP program and not any others like TEFAP or WIC. In that case, your EBT card cannot be used at any fast-food restaurant.

Suppose you qualify for this type of assistance available through a participating state’s Restaurant Meals Program (RMP). In that case, it gives permission to use food stamps at a restaurant and most fast-food establishments in those specific states.

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 You must have an EBT card from one of these states to qualify. 

Check with your State’s Department Of Social Services Office about what benefits might apply to where you live. Every state sets its guidelines for who qualifies for each program they offer.

Who Qualifies for EBT?

To qualify for EBT, you must be living within 100% – 130% of the poverty level and be a legal immigrant or American citizen. Your monthly income determines if it says you should get food stamps from your state during an exam that happens every year. It’s best not to wait until changes in your life that could hinder eligibility- contact them immediately when something happens! 

Each state has different qualifications and requirements for this program, so it would make sense for you to determine what those are as the recipient of benefits.

With that being said, some states offer even more programs than traditional EBT food stamp assistance. Alaska, for example, offers access to resources like transportation vouchers, job training certificates, daycare vouchers, etc., which can help with employment opportunities or educational pursuits!


EBT cards are not accepted at McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants when you only receive SNAP EBT benefits. However, people who qualify for the Restaurant Meals program can order meals from places like Burger King or McDonald’s.

The hope is that more states will open the Restaurant Meals Program. That way. those most in need have more immediate food options, especially those with disabilities and elders.

Using your government-issued benefits has never been easier or safer with today’s technology. Interested in finding out if other fast-food restaurants accept EBT? Check out these articles.

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