Growing A Woodworking Business

2 months ago
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Many Americans take the leap every year to become their own bosses and start new businesses.

These entrepreneurs are responsible for a huge portion of the country’s economy, employing millions and millions of workers across the United States.

In Ephrata, Pennsylvania, the small business economy is very strong. Perhaps you have a passion for woodworking and you want to turn this hobby into a side business.

Maybe you have already taken this step and now you are concerned with growing the company as a full-time owner.

Being responsible for a brand’s success is a heavy weight, but the reward of building a thriving company is often worth the cost.

If you want to grow your woodworking business in Ephrata, PA, here are a few tips that can help you out.

Create A Strong Website

Whether you are just starting a new business or your company has been around for several years, the value of a great website for the brand cannot be understated.

We live in a digital world, and most of your potential customers spend a lot of time online. If they have no way to interact with your brand through this portal, then your customer base may struggle to grow.

You need a place for people to find out about your business through the Internet, and a strong website can be that resource.

With a good search engine optimization plan, you can ensure that local audiences can easily find your website when they search for relevant keywords in Google or other search engines, generating potential conversions with new clients. 

Focus On Worker Safety

All construction-related trades are inherently more dangerous for workers. You and your employees are working with heavy and dangerous machinery daily to create products for clients, and the safety of everyone involved in your business is crucial.

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The last thing you want is for a sick or injured employee to sue the company for poor safety standards, bankrupting your resources and threatening the future of the business.

Make sure your workshop is up to standards with the layout of the space and the machinery. Invest in dust collection systems to prevent air quality issues for your woodworkers.

Keep everyone up-to-date with safety training, especially when working with machinery. It would also be wise to invest in a good insurance policy in case the worst should happen. Plus, a safe work environment is more appealing to potential hires. 

Advertise On Social Media

Social media platforms are powerful tools in the hands of skilled marketers. For a woodworking business, your services are very visual.

Customers want to see things like before and after images of an old refurbished furniture piece that has been made new.

They want to see a timelapse video of an ornate structure coming together that your team built. Social media are perfect for sharing these images and videos to advertise what your team can do.

Additionally, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X, and Pinterest are ideal for sharing ideas with customers who have an interest in woodworking themselves.

Then, when they need the help of professionals, they will remember who they turned to for advice from a blog post on social media that you shared. 

Consider A Formal Business Structure

As your business grows, especially if employees are added, the structure of the company may need to change.

While it can start as a sole proprietorship when it is just you, it may need to evolve into an LLC or even an S corporation at some point.

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Distinguishing between the different types of business structures is important as you decide how you want the company to be run internally and evaluated by the government.

Some options for your business model are sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, C corporation, and S corporation. 

Use Appropriate Software Programs

The more your woodworking business in Ephrata grows, the greater your need will be for tools to help manage operations.

Eventually, the company could outgrow your capacity to do these logistical tasks manually, such as accounting, customer onboarding, data collection, customer service, and more.

Overcoming these obstacles may require investing in software programs that can handle these internal processes.

The right tech stack can smooth out your operations and make everyone’s jobs easier, allowing them to focus on more important responsibilities.

There Is Always A Better Way To Do Things

One trait that effective business owners share is adaptability. When things are not working as efficiently or as effectively as they should, the willingness to make changes is crucial.

If you want your young brand to stick around for the next five years and beyond, you must be able to adapt to new circumstances and a new way of doing things.

If that means creating a stronger website, focusing on worker safety, advertising on social media, formalizing the business structure, or using new software programs, then so be it.  

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