How Far Does DoorDash Deliver?

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How far does DoorDash deliver? If you want food from this famous fast-food restaurant, can you get it anywhere? DoorDash is a popular food delivery app that dispatches fast food from restaurants and stores to its customers. Users order food from restaurants and stores through its website or app. 

DoorDash has a reputation for delivering food quickly and in excellent condition. That’s why it has the “Dash” moniker in its company name. The delivery service has a default delivery range of 5 to 30 miles, but most deliveries are within a 5-mile radius. Delivery ranges assigned to any restaurant on DoorDash depend on its partnership with the delivery company. 

Let’s find out more about DoorDash’s delivery services.

How Far Does DoorDash Deliver

There are a few factors to consider when determining how far DoorDash delivers. First we’ll examine how delivery distance is calculated. Then we’ll discuss tracking and delivery to out-of-range areas.

How Does DoorDash Calculate Delivery Distance?

Are you sitting at home thinking of the last meal you had from your favorite restaurant? Although the restaurant is far from your home, you could still be thinking of how to get that food. 

DoorDash is the perfect delivery option. The San Francisco -based company allows you to make on-demand food delivery orders whenever you like. It’s connected to most restaurants in your local area and has a listing of their menu prices.

DoorDash offers Storefront and DoorDash Drive deliveries. The Storefront option allows customers to order from a restaurant website of their choice. Customers that desire large orders such as platters can get their food through DoorDash Drive.

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Your food cravings may prompt you to wonder if DoorDash can make deliveries to your house. Yes, DoorDash does make home deliveries. But the distance between the restaurant and your home matters.

DoorDash delivers food using a precise algorithm to calculate the delivery range in a specific market. They consider unique market factors in an area when performing their calculations. These are the size of the market, its population, and its proximity to restaurants.

The radius within which a restaurant can deliver meals through DoorDash depends on its partnership with the company. The delivery service has 3 partnership categories that companies subscribe to. These are Basic, Plus, and Premier memberships. 

Stores and restaurants can expand their DoorDash delivery distance by choosing a different partnership structure. If your restaurant has a Basic partnership with DoorDash, it subscribes to the standard delivery range. 

A Plus DoorDash partnership means the delivery distance is upgraded by 10 percent. And a Premier DoorDash Partnership means the restaurant delivery distance is increased by 15 percent.

How to Track Your DoorDash Deliveries?

Has your DoorDasher been strangely late a couple of times, causing you to wonder where they are? That doesn’t have to happen again. You can track DoorDash food deliveries.

The next time you order food, use Door Dash’s live tracking feature to confirm the order status. It will give you an estimated delivery time and track orders. You may also get active notifications on your DoorDash app or website.

The delivery status may read “At the restaurant,” “in the process of being confirmed,” or “the dasher is on the way.” You can also contact your DoorDasher using the message option next to their name at the bottom of the screen. It’s the best way to give any special requests concerning your order.

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How to Get a DoorDash Delivery in an Out-of-Range Area

When DoorDash delivers food orders to you in an out-of-range location, expect a high delivery and service fee. But that doesn’t have to catch you unawares. When you complete your order on the DoorDash website or app, you will see the delivery charge.

The default DoorDash delivery distance on the DoorDash app or website ensures food gets to customers fresh, hot, and on time. Nobody wants to get your favorite chicken or fries to you when they are soggy or cold.

If you live in an area outside the DoorDash delivery radius, sometimes expect to have issues getting a driver. Most DoorDash delivery drivers accept orders closer to the restaurant to make more money. The only way to get a DoorDash order to a long-distance location is by offering them a big tip.

You may offer a hefty tip to get a DoorDash delivery in a long-distance location and get a “Too Far” message. A likely reason is that your app is experiencing a glitch.

Another possible reason for a “too far” message is that your restaurant of choice has changed its delivery radius. That’s probably because the distance jeopardizes the quality of food delivered to the customer. It could also be because few DoorDash drivers want to drive out to that location.


It’s why you can expect to get a DoorDash order in half an hour regardless of the DoorDash delivery distance. If you are craving your favorite food, why don’t you place an order on your DoorDash app today?

Now you know that the DoorDash delivery algorithm ensures most places in the US are covered.

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