How Much Is Prime Drink?

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If you wish to buy Prime Hydration, you may want to know the answer to the question, “How Much Is Prime Drink?”. In the market for sports drinks, Prime Drink is a newbie.

But even though the product is new, it has been vanishing from shelves like hotcakes. The sole reason is the surprising collaboration of two famous names in social media, which has led to a large increase in net worth for Prime.

Prime Drink has a pocket-friendly price tag for a dozen bottles, each around 473ml. A collection of 12 bottles costs $29.99, and a single bottle costs $1.99.

This makes the product highly affordable to people in active sports. In addition, the composition of the drink is such that it can boost your energy level almost immediately after consumption.

A Bit About Prime Drink

It is crucial for you to know a bit about the product itself. Prime Drink is a coconut water-based sports drink that contains 825mg of electrolytes.

This makes it highly suitable for sportspeople and anybody leading an active lifestyle. It also contains antioxidants and amino acids. The best part about Prime Drink is that it is free from gluten and caffeine.

You will find Prime Drink a bit salty due to a large number of electrolytes present in the drink. Antioxidants and electrolytes combine to hydrate your muscles and rejuvenate your body correctly. Prime Drink is also one of highest selling energy drinks in the market.

How Much Is Prime Drink?

Compared to many other sports drinks available at stores, Prime drink is relatively inexpensive. It comes with an affordable price tag that fits every person’s budget. A pack of 12 bottles of Prime Drink costs $29.99, and a single bottle costs $1.99.


Prime Drink is a new sports drink that contains all the essential nutrients needed to replenish your body with lost energy. This coconut water-based sports drink contains 825mg of electrolytes and 10% coconut water.

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A pack of 12 Prime Drink bottles costs $29.99, and a single bottle costs $1.99.

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