Prime Energy Drink Ingredients

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If you love to sip on your favorite Prime Drink for an energy boost, perhaps you’ve wondered about Prime energy drink ingredients. There are several types of energy drinks in the market. Although many companies categorize their products as sports drinks, there isn’t much difference.

The sole motive of an energy drink is to replenish your body with lost energy, and Prime Drink is one of the newbies in the market.

According to Prime Drink creators, the product is made from everything natural. It is free from added sugar and gluten and is available in several flavors. Due to the natural ingredients of Prime Drink, it is suitable for people of all ages. Prime Drink consists of 10% coconut water and 825mg of electrolytes. In addition, it has all the essential minerals and vitamins.

Find Out More about Prime Drink

Prime Drink is a collaborative energy drink started by KSI and Logan Paul, famous on social media, especially on YouTube. Each has several millions of followers online.

Prime Hydration, or Prime Drink, was started with the sole purpose of helping people that lead an active lifestyle maintain their energy levels. The product has several flavors: orange, blue raspberry, lemon-lime, and ice pop, and it is one of the fastest-selling energy drinks.

Prime Energy Drink Ingredients

When it comes to Prime drink, everything is natural in it. Some of the ingredients used to create Prime Drink include 825mg of electrolytes, 10% coconut water, natural flavor, filtered water, citric acid, and sucralose, to name a few.

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In addition, it lacks artificial colors or flavors and is available in at least 25% recycled plastic bottles. Prime Drink is available in various online and physical stores.


Prime Drink was introduced to the people by two famous YouTubers, Logan Paul and KSI. They made the energy drink so that it is safe for people of all ages.

In other words, it contains natural ingredients, including coconut water and electrolytes that replenish your body with instant energy.

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