How Much Sugar Does Prime Drink Have?

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People avoiding sugar would undoubtedly like the answer to the question, “How Much Sugar Does Prime Drink Have?”. Indeed, extra sugar in your food and beverages can raise various health concerns.

Thus, it is always better to learn about the sugar content in any packaged product you wish to consume. This would help you keep a tab on the amount of sugar you consume daily.

Prime Drink is one of the latest entrants in the world of energy drinks. However, despite the new product, it is selling like hotcakes, this has led to huge levels of success for Prime Hydration.

The makers of Prime Drink claim that it is made from natural ingredients and does not contain any artificial flavors or colors. The energy drink is also free of added sugar, making it suitable for everyone.

Who Are The Creators Of Prime Drink?

Prime Drink is a collaborative product by famous YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul. Each of them has several millions of online followers on social media. Until a few years back, they were bitter rivals, and nobody could ever imagine they would ever come together.

However, Logan and KSI joined hands to produce Prime Hydration, a natural energy drink comprising 10% coconut water and 825mg of electrolytes.

How Much Sugar Does Prime Drink Have?

If you are worried about finding the answer to the question, “How Much Sugar Does Prime Drink Have?” you can rest assured that it is free of any added sugar. The zero-sugar content proves that it is safe to consume Prime Drink, even if you have diabetes.

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Prime Drink is a joint venture product of Logan Paul and KSI. The two famous YouTubers created this energy drink from natural ingredients, such as coconut water and electrolytes.

This delicious-tasting drink is free from any artificial additives, including added sugar. Thus, Prime Drink is safe for people of all age groups. This should answer your question, “How Much Sugar Does Prime Drink Have?”.

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