How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At McDonald’s?

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Are you looking to apply for a job at McDonald’s and wondering: How old do you have to be to work at McDonald’s? With more than 13,500 locations in the United States alone. It is no surprise that McDonald’s is an excellent place for teens looking for entry-level jobs.  

Generally speaking, you can work at any McDonald’s if you’re 16 years old or older. However, this may vary depending on the state and country you choose to work in. The age requirement or hiring policies may differ. Typically, some McDonald’s locations allow 15 years old to work, provided they have a work permit. 

Knowing the age requirement for McDonald’s is essential. It saves you the time and money you would otherwise spend when applying. 

This guide will answer how old you must be to work at McDonald’s. In addition, we’ll go through some of the most common jobs for teenagers at McDonald’s. Finally, we’ll also discuss how much money you can expect to make working at McDonald’s. 

What is McDonald’s? 

McDonald’s was founded in 1948 by Maurice and Richard McDonald. The first hamburgers were sold for only 15 cents. Currently, it has more than 35,000 locations in at least 100 countries. 

It boasts a special menu with its famous Big Mac burgers and Whopper. McDonald’s serves chicken wraps, desserts, and other foods. It serves over 70 million people and employs more than 1.9 million people every year. It markets as the place to go for a diverse range of fast food.

The Benefits of Working at McDonald’s

There are many benefits of working at McDonald’s. Some advantages include choosing your work schedule, discounts, and scholarship opportunities.

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The scholarship opportunities include getting access to over 4,000 scholarships. While discounts are a part of McDperks program. The program offers discounts to employees for other retailers apart from McDonald’s.

Part-time or Full-time employees can get a free meal every shift. Plus, all employees are eligible for wage review after 6 months of working at McDonald’s. You can learn more about why working for McDonald’s is great and how it can benefit you.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at McDonald’s?

To work at McDonald’s, you need to be 16 years old. McDonald’s age requirements depend on the state and the country. 

For example, in New York, the minimum age requirement is 15 years old. While in certain countries like Australia, the minimum age requirement is 14 years old. If you want to work at McDonald’s, you should contact your local McDonald’s to learn about the minimum age requirements. 

All McDonald’s franchisees do not allow anyone under the age of 15 to work because they need to be able to prepare food which can be dangerous. 

In addition, the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) regulations prohibit anyone under the 15 from working in a restaurant. They also can’t work more than four hours a shift.

Typical Jobs for Teens at McDonald’s

McDonald’s has entry-level jobs for teenagers. These jobs include crew member, cook, and more. Let’s look at some typical jobs for teenagers at McDonald’s and the requirements. 

1. Crew Member 

A crew member’s job entails greeting customers as they enter McDonald’s. They are also responsible for preparing food and ensuring ingredients and all other products are restocked.

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Other duties include taking customer orders and assisting with food preparation. You need to be 16 years old to work as a crew member. You don’t need any work experience or formal education. But you do need some basic skills. 

2. Guest Services

Guest services is an entry-level position for teenagers looking to work at McDonald’s. This position entails placing an order from customers and responding to customer inquiries. Apart from that, they’re also responsible for ensuring customers get their orders. 

What’s great about the position, it does not require any background or prior education. As long as you’re 16 years old, you can apply for the position. However, if you have some customer service experience, it could get you a step closer to landing the job. 

The Hiring Process at McDonald’s

McDonald’s hiring process involves a couple of steps, including the application process and interview. You must undergo the entire process to be successfully hired at McDonald’s. Here is an overview of McDonald’s hiring process. 

1. Application

You can apply online through McDonald’s website. The online application can take up to 30 minutes to an hour. Alternatively, you can submit a physical application at your local McDonald’s. 

2. Personality Test

The personality test is mandatory. It takes only 20 to 30 minutes to complete. It includes scenario questions to test your judgment or decision in specific work situations. Make sure to thoroughly check and understand every question. 

3. Interview

Interviews are typically required to see if you’re the right candidate. During the interview, you’ll be asked questions such as “What your five-year plan is regarding your employment at McDonald’s?”

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During the interview, make sure you are confident and smile. Also, be sure to bring along proof of identification. 

4. Hired

Congratulations, you’ve just landed your McDonald’s job. Before you can start, you’ll need to attend an orientation. The orientation will include a tour of McDonald’s and a chance for you to meet the whole staff. 

How Much Does McDonald’s Pay, Their Employees? 

Each employee’s earnings depend on the state or city minimum wage requirements. However, in general, McDonald’s employees are paid $15 per hour. 

This is usually for entry-level jobs such as crew members. While shift managers can earn anywhere between $8 and $21 per hour. If you have work experience, you can ask for a higher pay rate than the starting wage.


Most McDonald’s minimum age requirement is 16 years old. However, you can work at McDonald’s in some states if you’re 14 years old. But you need to ensure that you obtain a work permit. 

You can apply for a Guest services or crew member job position. What’s great about this is they do not require any work experience. But you have to be willing to learn and work well under pressure.

McDonald’s is an excellent place to work, especially for teenagers, because it has employee benefits suitable for teenagers. If you’re ready to apply, you can visit McDonald’s career page for vacant positions. 

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