How to Delete Messages on iPhone From Both Sides?

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Have you ever accidentally sent a message and wondered, “How to delete messages on iPhone from both sides?” Here is how you can delete a message from both sides of an iMessage conversation:

It is only possible to delete an iMessage from both sides if both iMessage accounts are directly accessible to the user. If that is the case, you will need to delete the message from the connected device. It will permanently remove both sides’ iMessages. The process is easy if you have access to both devices.

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How to Delete Messages on iPhone From Both Sides?

There is only one way to delete an iMessage from both sides. And that is to access each account directly. If that is the case, it would be necessary for you to remove the message from the connected device. 

Doing so will remove all messages sent and received by both parties. As long as both devices are accessible, the process is straightforward.

What Are the Steps for Deleting Messages from Your iPhone?

This process is simple on your iPhone. To delete a message, you need to open it. Click and hold the message to reveal several options. The reply or copy options will be visible in the menu.

There is a delete option (which appears as a trash can). Some screen layouts require you to select “more” before it appears. You can tap the trash icon once you have selected the message you want to delete, and then you will be able to delete it. 

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In addition, you can choose to delete additional messages as well. You will be deleting the message permanently, so make sure you want to do it before going through with it.

How Do I Delete Messages on Another Device?

It is ultimately the same process to delete an iMessage from a recipient’s device. Having access to that device is necessary. You follow the same steps once you have that access.

Toss the message in the trash, highlight it and drag the trash icon to the trash. Whenever required, you may select several messages. 

Furthermore, they will remain permanently on their devices just as they are on yours. Deleted files from your device do not affect theirs. In reverse, they do not affect yours. 

It is necessary to remove all copies of a message from each device that stores them before you can delete all copies. Syncing iMessage between multiple Apple devices is possible when someone has more than one device. 

Taking advantage of the synchronization or going through each device that belongs to the same Apple ID will allow you to remove the message entirely.

Is it Possible to Remove Messages from iCloud?

You can also remove messages from iCloud if you want. iMessage is part of Apple’s iCloud service. By using the same Apple ID across all your devices, automatic synchronization is provided by iCloud.

It provides you with the capability to try out text messages on your iPhone and continue them on your Mac. The benefit here is that while it will create multiple copies of the message, you can delete everything within one go. 

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The default settings are set to back up all iMessages to iCloud to any Apple device you have (or another Apple device you use). You have to manage the cloud copy. 

You only need to delete iMessages once since they automatically sync across devices. If the iCloud synchronization service runs, it will delete copies on all devices. You can do it, and this is also true for iCloud copies.

If a device receiving the message is shutting down iCloud services, it poses a challenge. In this instance, automatic synchronization does not take place. Even if a message gets deleted, it can still be backed up by iCloud. 

Therefore, you will also have to remove any iCloud backups created while the message was on your phone to be thorough. It applies both to your device and the devices of the recipients.

Is It Possible to Stop Messages From Being Sent?

If you accidentally send a message and realize that you shouldn’t have, you can interrupt your internet connection. You can do it by turning off Wi-Fi and switching to airplane mode. 

Both are necessary for the transmission of data to stop. The message won’t reach its destination if you are fast enough. 

If you wish, you can decline to allow the phone to attempt to send the message again. No message will be resent without your permission. As a result, it won’t reach the recipient, and you’ll only have to worry about managing your device.


It is a straightforward process to follow if you have an iPhone. The process starts by opening a message and then clicking on the ‘Delete’ button. The message will show several options to you when you hold the message.

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You have the option of deleting it, which can be done with the icon that looks like a trash can. If your screen is configured differently, you may need to select “more” to see this option.

After choosing the message you wish to delete, you can tap the trash icon to allow you to do so. Once you’ve selected the message, you’ll be able to delete it. 

The notifications interface will also allow you the option of deleting additional messages.

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